Is your windshield important to your Crash Management Systems?
You better believe it is!


This car experienced a low-speed impact with another car. Only the driver was inside, so the car owners couldn’t understand what had broken the windshield.  They were stunned when they learned that the passenger side airbag’s deployment had broken the windshield, and even more surprised when they learned this was only a small part of the impact windshields must absorb in a crash. Had a passenger occupied the front seat, the windshield would have had to absorb the impact of the airbag’s deployment, the greater impact of the passenger’s hitting the airbag, and both striking the windshield again in the next split second.

With all this in mind, do you really want to risk a glass repairer’s using cheaper glass, cheaper urethane adhesives, “quick” installation procedures, or any installation, “mobile” or in shop from another installer that thinks that "good enough" is "good enough" when it comes to your safety?

ACR Glass uses only Original Equipment Manufacturer glass, OEM adhesives, and OEM-approved procedures. Your car was very likely built to higher standards than the U.S. government required. Shouldn’t it be restored to Original Equipment specifications? Your safety and your family’s and passengers’ depend on it. At ACR Glass, we understand that. We promise the same quality and high level of safety your car manufacturer built into your car. Quality and safety aren’t just words to us. They’re our benchmark to assure your car and its safety systems have been returned to their original high specifications for safety and design.



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