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State of Minnesota Issues Consent Order Against The Auto Club Group pdf

Steering-related order bars No. 2 AAA group from letting Safelite administer Minn. glass claims
via Repairer Driven News
"In what a glass trade group called a major blow against insurance �steering,� the second largest AAA club has been barred for using Safelite to administer auto glass claims in Minnesota." Read more

Mark Rizzi Receives Glass Professional Of-The-Year Award - March 2006
Mark Rizzi Featured In National Magazine
Rizzi speaks and demonstrates at IGA's Seminar - Feb. 2003

Mark Rizzi Honored by IGA
Rizzi presents popular program at International Glass Show

10 Things Your Auto Insurer Won't Tell You 
1. When I say this is a good policy, I mean it's good for me.
2. Young drivers can't catch a break.
3. Spotty credit? That'll cost you.
4. How do we set premiums? That's for us to know and you to find out.
5. Your repaired car might look and run like new, but it's worth a lot less.
6. Totaled your car? Good luck collecting its full value...
7. "... and we're more likely than ever to declare your car totaled.
8. Your mechanic works for us.
9. Brand loyalty is for suckers...
10. . . . but be careful switching carriers it could cost you.

Worry Over Windshields - ABC News

Windscreen Monkey Business -  Cheap windscreens - Buyers Beware!

Windshields play vital role in car safety - �In its latest newsletter, General Motors estimates 80 percent of windshield repairs and installations are done improperly. They say people underestimate how important the windshield is to car safety and that inadequate repairs put drivers in danger. -- One man released a book, the other runs a glass shop in Alliance.

When you are at fault

Rizzi's Work: An Interview with the Man Behind the Movement

What You Should Know Before Replacing Your Car�s Windshield

Keep This Job - Insurers are illegally trying to control the cost of repairs by steering consumers to particular shops, while at the same time, trying to distance themselves from any liability associated with negligent repairs.

Through the Looking Glass - Head First? - Considering the complex nature of collision repairs compared to those of glass, it's debatable whether networking collision shops will be doable. It's also debatable whether networks are in the best long-term interest of the collision industry, consumers or even insurers.

MIS-GUIDED - The estimating systems are guides, nothing more, nothing less - even the providers say so. Yet somewhere along the line, repairers started treating these guides as law and handing over control to the insurance industry.

Insurers' control over repair jobs questioned Omaha World-Herald - Representatives from small-town and neighborhood auto-body and auto-glass shops on Monday complained about the insurance industry steering repair jobs to networks of shops, thereby limiting customer choices and squeezing out smaller operations. -- Mark Rizzi, an Alliance, Neb., repairman active in the Independent Glass Association, also said the insurance industry is turning a blind eye to shoddy workmanship from shops they recommend.

Insurance shoppers should get a CLUE

Direct Repair Programs and Repair Guarantees: Steering In Disguise?

Thousands killed, hurt as auto roofs collapse

Ripoffs Mistakes and Misconsceptions

Weakening insurance laws would only hurt consumers

"Steering" Allegations

Filing a claim can mean loss of insurance

What you should know when you get your car repaired


California: Section 758.5

The Truth Behind Avery v. State Farm

Things to Consider before taking your vehicle to a "CHEAP" Shop

Buggin' Out Replacement shops face customers who demand windshields equipped with manufacturers� labels. 

Judge tosses insurance database rule; Firms not restricted in use of info (SF Gate) A Sacramento Superior Court judge threw out an emergency rule State Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi imposed last month to prevent insurance companies from canceling homeowner policies.

Take The Auto Body Repair Quiz

Dentists sue health insurers, alleging racketeering

Refuse to Work at a Loss

Spot Fake Airbags In Your Used Car

Dealing With Corrosion - Part 1

A Correctly Installed Windshield Can Save Lives

Video: Windshield Warning!

Buffett attacks greedy CEOs, pessimistic on reform

Traffic Safety Data

Texas Legislators Tell State Farm to Cooperate or Face New Regulations

State Farm Agrees to Settle Auto, Homeowner Insurance Rates - Company will pay $775,000 in fines, investigative costs

State Farm to pay on charges

Windshields: replacements may not be as good as new

State Farm Stops Selling Car Insurance in West Virginia

State Farm fined $775,000 for insurance allegations

State, Farmers reach settlement

Homeowners Insurance Is Focus Of California Probe

Windshield insurance market dominated by two glass companies

Did Insurer Cheat Disabled Clients?

Insurer wants to silence 2 ex-staffers

Senate committee investigates auto body repair fraud

What the insurers don't tell you 

ICAN's Position Statement on Auto Glass

A Bang-Up Job: Body Shop Scams May Compromise Your Safety    

Steering Customers to the Truth

Questions about Insurance?

Is 'bigger' better?? Think before you shop.

State to investigate Farmers Insurance

Why Hire an Attorney?

Opposing view: Letting insurers own auto body shops is dumb idea

GM Service and Parts Operations Letter

CBC Television's "Market Place":
Story on Windshield Replacement and Safety

Olympic Auto Glass Cash Back Program Ruled Illegal

No Call Law Violations Cost Three Telemarketers More Than $10,000

Montana Department of Commerce Alleges Washington-Based Glass Brokers Using Unfair Sales Practices

News 8 Allstate Adjuster Investigation

Frequently Asked Questions from

Consumer Rights Information from

State Farm charged with mishandling auto glass claims

State Farm on defensive for glass claims

Insurance After 9/11

Car insurance companies bring more horror stories

Small practice makes perfect

Crack Your Wallet for Small Claims, Not Your Insurance Record

Helping Your Customers Understand Their Rights

Minnesota Legislative Battle Raging Over Giveaways

Repairing Your Windshield: A Fox Undercover Investigation 2/28/02

Insurance Adjuster Trying To Lowball You? Not Any More!

Consumer Rights and Facts

Essex Survives Cold Weather Test

BETASEAL* U-216 delivers fast drive away year round

Rebirth in Memphis  Just a Few Short Blocks from the Birth of Rock and Roll, IGA Experiences Revitalization of its Independence

Windshields, A Family Health Decision . . . Right In Front of You !

Not So Clearly Dangerous (Illustrated Version)

Cure time after Windshield Install: Is Out of Sight Out of Mind?  

Save Your Deductible?! Think about this!

Allstate/LYNX Help Wanted: "Will You Work for Food?"

All Windshield Installations Are Not Equal

Service: Quality vs Quantity in Glass Replacement

Examples of Greed, Incompetence or Both

Windshield Installation: Does Close Cutting Cause Rust?

Buyer's Beware! Thinking about using a coupon that promises BIG money back?

Excerpt from the 20/20 program on Safe Windshield Installation

"Catch and Release" Customers: Still Just Fishin' for Suckers

GlassBYTES - The Best News About the Glass Biz

Small cars now 'safer'

Need help educating consumers about quality and safety?

Windshields Under Fire

Wrecks in Disguise

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