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ACR Glass services a wide variety of commercial glass and glazing needs.  One service is commercial storefront design, fabrication, and installation.  

In our area, commercial glass and glazing revolve around the needs and requirements of small business, school districts, manufacturing, and industry.  At ACR Glass, we know you’re cost conscious, and that you require quality that will last for years to come.  We know the sweetness of a lower price may quickly turn bitter when the reality of lower quality and lesser durability due to lower-priced materials and shortcuts in fabrication begin to surface.  

With this in mind, ACR Glass first considers what you need  in terms of required applicable codes such as ADA (American Disabilities Act), ANSI (American National Standards Institute) requirements, and all other Fire and Building Codes in our area.  

Next, we work with you and/or your architect to achieve your desired design and appearance.  We offer many choices to accommodate a large range of design needs. 

We also consider the anticipated traffic flow through your storefront/entryway so we can design a package with the necessary structural needs and durability to withstand years of use, and possibly abuse, in many situations.  Many additions and modifications for strength are beneath the surface and will never be seen, but we believe this step sets us apart from our competition.  Our knowledge of factors such as high winds and severe weather in our area, coupled with our experience in providing and fabricating packages for all types of high traffic needs, assures you of top quality fabrication and installation that will provide years of service with minimal upkeep and maintenance.  

Finally, we work with you to help the design fit your budget, and be sure no costs “saved” up front will cause a sacrifice of long-term performance, beauty, and durability for our customers.  Our reputation is based on our quality, and our competitive prices, in that order.  You will not be happy with us later if we cut corners to save you costs up front.  We will go that extra mile to get you the quality you need, to save you more dollars in the years to come. 

The pictures below display some of the designs we have built and installed in our area. Please note that entrances with “lower half panels” are glazed with Mapes’ Industries Porcelain Steel” panels, manufactured in Lincoln, NE.  These panels provide one of the best defenses against extreme use and abuse in high traffic situations, while remaining tough and beautiful for years.  For more information on these panels, click here:  http://www.mapesindustries.com/products/panels/index.html


Sandhills State Bank: We did this in 2012.

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