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Quote: " Boston Consumers' Checkbook.... The nonprofit organization said consumers should select their own (repair) shop when their car is ...damaged. ''You need the shop as your advocate for quality," the magazine said. ''You don't want to count on the insurance company to look out for your interests."


Winner of The Independent Glass Association's
National Special Achievement Award
and the Independent Glass Association's
Glass Professional of the Year Award

Nobody Does It Better Than We Do!

Ask Yourself These Questions Before You
Have Someone Else Replace Your Auto Glass

  • Do they know the importance of your windshield to your car's Safety and Crash Management Systems?  WE DO!
  • Do they use only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Automotive glass, Expertly Installed?
    WE DO!
  • Do they use only OEM approved urethane adhesives, to return your car and it's safety systems to the way they were designed, built, and extensively tested?
    WE DO!
  • Do they offer the ONLY fast cure urethane adhesive system approved and tested by car manufacturers which allows one hour drive away time after installation, even with a passenger side airbag, even in cold weather? WE DO!
  • Do they help write new rules and standards for EVERYONE replacing auto glass, such as the new American National Standards Institute's "Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards"? WE DO!
  • Do they handle your insurance paperwork quickly and efficiently?  WE DO!
  • Do they know not only Department of Transportation requirements, but the MORE stringent and HIGHER standards set by your car manufacturer for replacement of your auto glass? WE DO!
  • Do they document and record each and every installation, with ALL data of the installation, assuring you of a top quality job? WE DO!
  • Do they offer competitive prices based on QUALITY and SAFETY first? WE DO!
  • Do they offer free local pickup and delivery of your vehicle so your glass may be replaced in a controlled shop environment under controlled conditions rather that outdoors in  your driveway or parking lot?  WE DO!
  • Did they help WRITE and PASS Nebraska Law in 1992 that guarantees you your right to choose who does repairs to your car, proving they place you, the consumer, FIRST for over a DECADE?  WE DO!
  • If an insurance company or someone you THINK is your insurance company tells you how or where to repair your car, tell them they don't install glass!  WE DO!
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