FACT: The windshield in today's vehicles is a major component of a highly engineered crash management system. It contributes as much as sixty percent to the support of the roof during roof crush and rollover. In front end collisions, the windshield is the backboard for the passenger side airbag. A passenger side airbag strikes the windshield when it deploys at speeds of up to 150 to 200 miles per hour. This incredible force must be absorbed by the windshield for the airbag to cushion and retain the occupants in an accident. The means to achieve structural integrity is the bonding of the glass to the body of the car, with automotive urethane auto glass adhesives.

FACT: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards and specifications are MORE stringent than Department of Transportation (DOT) standards and specifications. For example, OEM standards require 100% windshield retention in the frontal crash barrier tests, while DOT only requires 80%. Your life and the lives of your passengers may depend on that 20% difference. Curing time for urethane adhesives after installation to meet these requirements is extremely important; time until the vehicle is safe to drive.

FACT: Only ONE urethane manufacturer's urethane adhesives are endorsed and approved for use by all major car manufacturers. That is Essex Urethane Autoglass Adhesives. At ACR Glass we use ONLY Essex urethanes, as your car manufacturer specifies, as they used when they built your car.

FACT: There is a real difference between OEM and After Market (non-OEM) Glass. The same differences between OEM and DOT specifications apply here as well. At ACR Glass we install ONLY OEM glass, NOT after market brands.

FACT: Nebraska Law guarantees your right to choose the repair facility of YOUR CHOICE. It further guarantees you will not have to pay extra for like kind and quality repairs to your vehicle. Your vehicle did not come from the car manufacturer with after market glass and adhesives; therefore, you do not need to allow after market products and materials to be installed because of an insurance company's so called "cost saving programs" or "preferred provider programs". Many times "preferred providers" have agreements with insurance companies on price parameters alone, and quality materials and workmanship are NOT VERIFIED.

FACT: If your insurance company tells you ACR Glass is not on their list, or not associated with their program, it is because we are PROUD NOT TO DO SO; we will not sacrifice our customer's safety for membership in these programs. Our obligation of service and quality is to YOU, OUR CUSTOMER, not to your insurance company, or some of their so called "cost saving programs". If you are told by your insurer that they will not guarantee our work because "we are not on their list", ask them for the WRITTEN guarantee they provide of the shops that ARE on their list. You won't get one; it does not exist. In fact, insurers guarantee no ones work. If you are told, or implied to, that you must use a repair facility of your insurance company's choosing, you are being improperly steered to a facility of their choice, for their "cost saving reasons", not your own. You are, many times, not given facts with which to make an informed decision, just insinuations, innuendo, and half-truths.

FACT: ACR Glass has, and will continue to, provide competitive pricing for OEM glass replacement in your car, using only OEM approved materials and urethane adhesives. We document glass, urethane, and installation of every glass we install. We put our name at the bottom of each windshield we install, and guarantee that installation for the life of the car, not just the current owner. We always put you, the CUSTOMER first and foremost, and we will never sacrifice safety or quality to save an insurance company money beyond a competitive rate. Our quality is second to none. We will be happy to explain further why we refuse to sign "preferred provider" contracts and agreements. Not all insurers have adopted these programs. We will be happy to help you make an informed decision. Call us. And please specify ACR Glass to your insurer. We are here to serve YOU, OUR CUSTOMER.

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